Auto-navigation to Video Clips Not Working

1 min. readlast update: 05.17.2024

ThinkHumanTV enables automatic navigation to video clips on streaming sites via search or saved segment links. In other words, if you mark a moment and create a shareable link or attempt to view a clip through our search feature, you should be able go directly to that clip in the relevant movie or tv show. 

If automatic navigation isn't working, try the following:

- Make sure you are in the Google Chrome browser (download if needed)

- Make sure you have the ThinkHumanTV Chrome extension installed (download if needed)

- Make sure you are signed into the ThinkHumanTV Chrome extension AND the ThinkHumanTV website with the SAME credentials.

-Make sure you are logged into the relevant streaming service. For example, if you are attempting to view a movie on Netflix, you should be logged into Netflix.

- If you've checked all the above, try signing out of the ThinkHumanTV extension and website, refreshing the browser, and logging back in.

If you are still experiencing issues with automatic navigation, please get in touch with us. 

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